Don’t give a fark


Life is empty and meaningless.

Once you can get your head around that you can create a life full of meaningfulness, one that’s rich and fulfilling in a way that satisfies your Self.

Life is difficult, you need to understand that too. If you think life was meant to be easy then you’ve got another think coming.

World famous farker, Winston Churchill said something to the effect that if you want a quick and easy way to get a good handle on what life’s about, get yourself a good book of quotations. In this day and age you don’t have to buy a book, you can get quotes off the internet – life’s getting easier! There’s probably thousands of quote sites to choose from. You can even get them sent to you every day for free.

But you wouldn’t want to take yourself too seriously would you? You wouldn’t want to give a fark when a fark didn’t matter.

And finally, when you come to the understanding that no body else gives a fark, then you’re on the way to becoming a true blue farker.


Think back to when you were a kid; there were days when you were off on your own or with a couple of mates when you just didn’t give a fark about anything else for hours at a time. You got lost in the fark zone – reading, fishing, playing tennis, roaring around on your bike … We need more fark time.

Do more of the things that slip you into the fark zone.

Screen out the useless fark moments. Remember all¬† those dull and boring afternoons in high school doing maths, physics and chemistry when you couldn’t give a fark about whatever you were supposed to be learning. More useless data and more useless information didn’t improve your intelligence or enhance the quality of your life then; it’s not enhancing the quality of your life now is it? It’s a fraud, a hoax, a swiftie perpetuated on unsuspecting minors by right-brained science and maths teachers who couldn’t get a job in the real world. Forget the theorems and the equations. Let go the uselessness of the past. Don’t give a fark when a fark doesn’t matter.

There’ve been the bad fark moments, like whenever you’ve hit your thumb with a hammer; copped a puncture or torn a muscle. Of course nothing that happens to most of us can bear comparison with what was going on when the Mayor of Hiroshima¬† looked up and uttered those famous words, ‘Fark, what was that?’

When ever you think life’s farking down on you, just remember the Mayor of Hiroshima. Let the bad fark moments go, learn from the experience, get on with it.

But there’ve been the good fark moments, like when you’ve stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon and said – ‘fark, how long did they take to dig that?’; or when you’ve sat on the beach and watched the sunset and said, – ‘fark, that’s beautiful’; or when you’ve downed an ice cold beer on a hot day and said, – ‘fark, that’s a good beer’.

When it comes to farking, savour and dine out on the good times. Take more time off and give yourself more time out to have a farking good time. Slip into the fark zone more often.

Become a farker.

Fark about more.