Fark ring tone

Here’s how to install the Fark Ring Tone onto Android mobile phones

First, download the Fark Ring Tone onto your computer. by right-clicking on the link below

or for iphones

and saving the audio file onto your computer.

Connect your phone to your computer.

The phone will appear as a removable disc drive.

When you open it up it’s highly likely a directory will appear.

If you’re luck you’ll see a ringtones folder in that list.

Open it up.

Caveat All phones are different. (Some phones are more different than others.)

It may be more difficult than what I’ve described. Depending on which brand of phone you have, you may have to navigate through the Android  “system” directory and a range of other folders – like ”media’, ‘audio’ or ‘sounds’ until you find the ringtones folder. If at first you don’t succeed, talk to your phone company (or ask a 10 year old!)

Anyway, once you’ve opened up the ringtones folder, copy the fark.mp3 file from your computer into the ringtones folder on your phone.


Disconnect your phone from the computer.

Close it down and restart it.

Open up the ring tones folder on your phone.

Select ‘Fark’ as your default ring tone.

If you’ve done every thing right, every time your phone rings you’ll be alerted to the incoming call by the official and authentic Fark Ring Tone.

What about iphones?

Right now I’m not sure. If anyone out there can set me straight on what the pathway is, please use the fark us contact form for send me a n0te.

In the meantime my best advice is to use this version of the ring tone: http://www.farkaustralia.com.au/fark.m4r

Anyway, to cut a long story short, once you’ve installed the fark ring tone …

… whenever your phone rings, the people around you will say, ‘Fark, where’d you get that?’

Tell them to go to the Fark Australia Facebook site and (after clicking on the ‘like’ button), go to the Fark Ring Tone download link.

Like you, installation of the Fark Ring Tone will signify that they are an official member of the Royal Order of the Fark.

Fark on.


Frank Farquhar