The Rotary Club Dinner

An aspiring public speaker gets an invite to give an after dinner talk at a Rotary Club meeting. He fronts up and sits down at the top table joining in the bonhomie, pretending to laugh at the fines and making small talk with the bloke next to him who’s been charged with the responsibility of looking after him for the night. Everything’s going well and he’s tucking into the rubber chicken when all of sudden there’s a cracking noise in his mouth and he realizes that he’s bitten into a bone and smashed his dentures.

He knows he’s in strife so he leans over to host and says, ‘Mate, I’ve just cracked my dentures. I won’t be able to deliver the talk.’

His host says, ‘I might be able to help you.’ He reaches down underneath the table, opens up a kitbag and brings out a spare set of dentures. He says, ‘Try these on for size.’

So the speaker pops out his own teeth and inserts the new set, rolls them around in his mouth for a few seconds to get the feel of them, but as he soon as he starts to speak he notices that they’re too large. So he turns to his host and says, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do my talk with these they’re too tight.

His host says, ‘No problem’, and reaching down into his bag, brings out another set of teeth and says, ‘Try these.’

Once again our aspiring speaker pops them in his mouth, moves them around to get the feel of them but notices that they’re too small. He says to his host ‘Sorry can’t use these they’re too sloppy.’

His host says, ‘No problem and dives into his kitbag again and brings out a third set of teeth.

The speaker tries them out and eventually says, ‘Yep, these’ll do. Thank God I’m sitting next to a dentist.’

‘Dentist!!!’ his host replied, ‘I’m not a dentist I’m an undertaker!’


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