The word is Fark

A fark by any other name would sound as sweet.

It’s the most versatile of words … by its stresses and inflections describing many emotions. In fact few words can be used with so many nuances and to such effect.

It can be used as a noun (I don’t give a fark), as a verb in its transitive form (he well and truly farked that one up), in the past tense (I’m farked), in the present tense (I’m farked), as an adjective (it’s a farken beauty), and in the future tense (well I’ll be farked).

Many every day expressions show off the versatility of the word:

  • Denial: I didn’t farken do it
  • Perplexity: I know fark all about it
  • Apathy: Who gives a fark anyway
  • Greetings: How the fark are you?
  • Anger: Shut the fark up
  • Resignation: Oh fark
  • Derision: He farks up every time
  • Suspicion: Who the fark are you?
  • Panic: Let’s get the fark out of here
  • Directions: Fark off
  • Disbelief: How the fark did you do that?
  • Wonder: Fark, look at that?

Fark! What was that?